FaceFusion-开源人脸融合 AI换脸工具

FaceFusion-开源人脸融合 AI换脸工具 -1

FaceFusion是一个免费开源的人脸融合 AI换脸工具,使用python开发,把项目下载到本地,然后安装必须的依赖包requirements.txt,然后运行run.py即可,安装需要一点点Python等等相关技术技能,不适合初学者哈,感兴趣的同学可以学习研究。

FaceFusion-开源人脸融合 AI换脸工具 -2


请注意,安装需要技术技能,不适合初学者。请不要在 GitHub 上公开平台和安装相关问题。我们有一个非常有用的 Discord 社区,它将指导您安装 FaceFusion。

基本 – 它更有可能在您的计算机上运行,​​但速度会很慢

加速 – 释放 CPU 和 GPU 的全部潜力



python run.py [options]

-h, --help                                                                                       show this help message and exit
-s SOURCE_PATH, --source SOURCE_PATH                                                             select a source image
-t TARGET_PATH, --target TARGET_PATH                                                             select a target image or video
-o OUTPUT_PATH, --output OUTPUT_PATH                                                             specify the output file or directory
--frame-processors FRAME_PROCESSORS [FRAME_PROCESSORS ...]                                       choose from the available frame processors (choices: face_enhancer, face_swapper, frame_enhancer, ...)
--ui-layouts UI_LAYOUTS [UI_LAYOUTS ...]                                                         choose from the available ui layouts (choices: benchmark, default, ...)
--keep-fps                                                                                       preserve the frames per second (fps) of the target
--keep-temp                                                                                      retain temporary frames after processing
--skip-audio                                                                                     omit audio from the target
--face-recognition {reference,many}                                                              specify the method for face recognition
--face-analyser-direction {left-right,right-left,top-bottom,bottom-top,small-large,large-small}  specify the direction used for face analysis
--face-analyser-age {child,teen,adult,senior}                                                    specify the age used for face analysis
--face-analyser-gender {male,female}                                                             specify the gender used for face analysis
--reference-face-position REFERENCE_FACE_POSITION                                                specify the position of the reference face
--reference-face-distance REFERENCE_FACE_DISTANCE                                                specify the distance between the reference face and the target face
--reference-frame-number REFERENCE_FRAME_NUMBER                                                  specify the number of the reference frame
--trim-frame-start TRIM_FRAME_START                                                              specify the start frame for extraction
--trim-frame-end TRIM_FRAME_END                                                                  specify the end frame for extraction
--temp-frame-format {jpg,png}                                                                    specify the image format used for frame extraction
--temp-frame-quality [0-100]                                                                     specify the image quality used for frame extraction
--output-video-encoder {libx264,libx265,libvpx-vp9,h264_nvenc,hevc_nvenc}                        specify the encoder used for the output video
--output-video-quality [0-100]                                                                   specify the quality used for the output video
--max-memory MAX_MEMORY                                                                          specify the maximum amount of ram to be used (in gb)
--execution-providers {cpu} [{cpu} ...]                                                          choose from the available execution providers (choices: cpu, ...)
--execution-thread-count EXECUTION_THREAD_COUNT                                                  specify the number of execution threads
--execution-queue-count EXECUTION_QUEUE_COUNT                                                    specify the number of execution queries
-v, --version                                                                                    show program's version number and exit

使用 -s/--source-t/--target-o/--output 参数将以无头模式运行程序。

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FaceFusion-开源人脸融合 AI换脸工具
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