Nevercenter releases Silo 2024.2 着重于游戏方面的建模灯光三维软件

Nevercenter releases Silo 2024.2 着重于游戏方面的建模灯光三维软件
Nevercenter releases Silo 2024.2 着重于游戏方面的建模灯光三维软件

Nevercenter 已开始在 2024 年发布轻量级 3D 建模软件 Silo 和基于虚幻引擎的实时渲染器 Milo。

Silo 2024.0 添加了文件实例,这是一个用于在 Silo 项目中引用外部文件的新系统,使管理复杂模型的更新变得更加容易。

Milo 2024.0 添加了新的渐变背景类型。

轻量级 sub-D 建模器和随附的实时渲染器

Silo 于 2003 年首次发布,被誉为高效、专注的建模软件包。

它具有一组精简的多边形和细分曲面建模工具、用于在参考对象上绘制新拓扑的拓扑画笔以及交互式实时 UV 展开。

除了为游戏或实时应用程序创建低多边形资产外,它还可以用于在 ZBrush 中绘制用于雕刻的基本模型,并支持 Pixologic 的 GoZ 桥接系统。

尽管开发在 2010 年代陷入停滞,但随着 Silo 2021 的发布,开发步伐再次加快,Nevercenter 还推出了 Milo,这是一款基于虚幻引擎的全新独立实时渲染器和 VR 查看器。

Silo 2024.0:新的文件实例系统

从那时起,Nevercenter 一直在对软件进行相对较小但定期的更新,Silo 2024.0 添加了一项新功能:文件实例。

它是一个文件引用系统,可以使用外部文件(单独的 Silo 文件或标准文件格式的 3D 模型)作为 Silo 项目中的实例。


Originally posted on 13 November 2023, and updated with details of Silo 2024.2.

Nevercenter has begun its 2024 releases of Silo, its lightweight 3D modelling software, and Milo, its Unreal Engine-based real-time renderer.

Silo 2024.0 adds File Instance, a new system for referencing external files within a Silo project, making it easier to manage update to complex models.

Milo 2024.0 adds a new gradient background type.

A lightweight sub-D modeller and accompanying real-time renderer
First released in 2003, Silo built up a reputation as an efficient, focused modelling package.

It has a streamlined set of polygonal and subdivision surface modelling tools, a topology brush for drawing new topology over a reference object, and interactive real-time UV unwrapping.

As well as creating low-poly assets for games or real-time applications, it can be used to rough out base models for sculpting in ZBrush, and supports Pixologic’s GoZ bridge system.

Although development stalled during the 2010s, the pace picked up again with the release of Silo 2021, with Nevercenter also launching Milo, a new standalone Unreal-Engine-based real-time renderer and VR viewer.

Silo 2024.0: new File Instance system
Since then, Nevercenter has been putting out relatively small, but regular, updates to the software, with Silo 2024.0 adding one new feature, File Instance.

It’s a file-referencing system, making it possible to use external files – either separate Silo files, or 3D models in standard file formats – as instances within a Silo project.

When the external file is updated, the Silo model will update automatically.

Nevercenter releases Silo 2024.2 着重于游戏方面的建模灯光三维软件-MOHE素材库-设计行业的乐园,各类素材的矿山!
Nevercenter releases Silo 2024.2 着重于游戏方面的建模灯光三维软件
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